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30 Funny And Wholesome Posts About Customer Behavior Shared In This Online Group Dedicated To Subway

by Irmante Sungailaite

The possibilities of visiting a Subway at the very least as soon as in a lifetime are fairly excessive. Whether or not looking for one thing quick to eat and stumbling upon the inexperienced and yellow indicators rapidly and effectively coping with your starvation, or looking for hangover aid—this sandwich palace appears to at all times be close by once you want it. And it’s run by the fantastic sandwich artists, toasting your bread, spreading the tuna mayo and complementing all the pieces with delicious chipotle sauce.
It’s no shock that out of all of the quick meals chains on the market, Subway has a devoted neighborhood on Reddit with 16.2k sandwich artists—speaking, sharing, and loving (in addition to hating) all the pieces to do with the birthplace of your footlong rooster teriyaki desires. 

Extra information: Reddit

#1 A Buyer Simply Left This On A Desk For Me. I Was Having A Actually Crappy Day, And This Made My Day

Picture credit: u/storymaker1235

The reality is that even the very best seasoned staff ultimately begin hating the shoppers for doing sure issues and they’re sharing their love/hate relationship with their clients on-line. Bored Panda has picked the funniest, tastiest, most hateful and most loving posts as an instance this well-known institution.

#2 Clients Attempting To Discover One thing Fallacious With Their Sandwich

Picture credit: u/Dooderdoot

#three Duh

Picture credit: u/SEALZZMAZZTER

#four Loki On Subway Doing His Factor

Picture credit: u/[deleted]

#5 Each Time I Do A Weekend Open

Picture credit: u/Scottishassassin

#6 They Want Their Repair Apparently

Picture credit: u/cripplinglybroke

#7 Why

Picture credit: u/datemycat

#eight Sufficient Mentioned

Picture credit: u/itsfrostiiy0

#9 Anybody Else Really feel This?

Picture credit: u/itsfrostiiy0

#10 I Cannot Be The Solely One

Picture credit: r/subway

#11 Eat Recent With This Recent Meme

Picture credit: u/Sandwich-Artisan

#12 Ha…ha…ha….

Picture credit: u/itsfrostiiy0

#13 Listening To Your Complete Life Story

Picture credit: u/scooterabsorbing

#14 When Folks Go away Not Solely Their Garbage However Garbage From Different Locations Introduced In

Picture credit: u/SelfCertify

#15 Each Rattling Day

Picture credit: u/Dersyx

#16 I Need A Sub

Picture credit: u/RachitsReddit

#17 Feels Like Endlessly

Picture credit: u/campbellsoup708

#18 Why?

Picture credit: u/hockeyplayr45

#19 I Did not Set The Costs

Picture credit: u/Arkentra

#20 Proper At The Finish Of The Line, Second Sandwich Time

Picture credit: u/Nerf_AK47

#21 Think about How A lot You May Save By Making A Ham Sandwich At Residence

Picture credit: u/asmolblackcat

#22 O Boy

Picture credit: u/copstompe

#23 Occurred At present Throughout Our Lunch Rush

Picture credit: u/hockeyplayr45

#24 I At all times Cherish The Clients That Inform Me All the things In The Order You Do It In

Picture credit: u/NarwhalsAndKittens

#25 When A Common Buyer Asks If You Dwell At The Retailer As a result of He Sees You Working There Each Day

Picture credit: u/vgordyn

#26 Umm

Picture credit: u/meepmelo

#27 Finest Tip Day I’ve Ever Had !!!! Normally Solely Get $1-$three A Day

Picture credit: u/gingerouid

#28 It Do Be Like That

#29 The Wrestle Is Actual

Picture credit: u/IntNMD

#30 Each Timeeeeeee

#31 Don’t Fear Simply Take Your Time

Picture credit: u/Drbeptet

#32 Devils

Picture credit: u/BaronsofSealand

#33 Greater Decision From The Meme I Posted Earlier

#34 If You Ask


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