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46 Folks Share Their Tweets From When They First Began To Hear About Coronavirus

by Jurgita Dominauskaite

It is onerous to imagine, however we have been in a pandemic for over a yr already. Nobody actually anticipated it to final that lengthy, or no less than most of us hoped that it might go away if we adopted the restrictions for a short while. However alas, we’re even beginning to overlook what life seemed like earlier than the worldwide shutdown.

Now we will solely snigger at ourselves and the way naïve we have been a yr in the past. Certainly, do you bear in mind what your ideas in regards to the virus have been final March? Twitter person @AliceAvizandum thought it might be enjoyable to recollect what the tweets have been like when this complete deal was new to us and requested folks “present me the primary tweet you probably did containing the phrase ‘covid’ or ‘coronavirus.'”

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Let’s go down the reminiscence lane and check out what have been folks’s first tweets in regards to the coronavirus. Remember to upvote those you want probably the most and remark should you assume that the tweets perhaps did not even modified that a lot from then until now.

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On the final day of 2019, the World Well being Group (WHO) took discover of report on the Wuhan Municipal Well being Fee’s web site that there was a cluster of ‘viral pneumonia’ instances within the metropolis. And on the primary day of the brand new yr, WHO began investigating how severe the matter was.

On January 9, 2020, WHO introduced that the outbreak in Wuhan was brought on by a novel coronavirus. The group reiterated the measures that must be taken when controlling a brand new virus, however on January 13, the primary case exterior China was confirmed. Two months later, on March 11, 2020, COVID-19 was characterised as a pandemic.


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It was a scary time, coping with a brand new illness which unfold world wide in such a short while. When international locations began to announce lockdowns, at first it sounded sort of enjoyable, staying dwelling, having extra time to repair our leaking sink or baking banana bread. We in all probability did not let ourselves assume that initially a two-week lockdown could be prolonged this a lot.


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We did not know what was sooner or later, so a few of the first tweets about it sound so out of contact in at this time’s context. Nonetheless, a few of them are literally humorous and to be truthful, we nonetheless joke about COVID-19, even when we have now seen what a severe illness it’s, as a result of what else is left there to do?

Most of those tweets are extra light-hearted than these we see now, however there have been individuals who caught on from the very starting that we must be cautious and never take into consideration this new virus as simply one other easy flu.


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We’re already reminiscing in regards to the time when the virus broke out, however we nonetheless have a option to go in stopping it and returning to regular life. Hopefully, after one other yr, we can be wanting on the tweets persons are posting at this second and we are going to take a breath of aid that it’s all over.


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