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Ahead By A Millimeter: Comparing the New 2020 Rolex Submariner Ref. 124060 to the 114060


Rolex appears to ascribe to Louis L’Amour’s  private life motto: “Victory is received not in miles however in inches. Win a bit of now, maintain your floor, and later, win a bit of extra.” L’Amour was a distinctly American writer, however with a conversion to the metric system, his adage applies to Rolex as nicely.“Victory is received in millimeters.” Nowhere is that this extra true than within the design for the 2020 Submariner Reference 124060.  

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2020 Up to date Rolex Submariner 

The Rolex Submariner is definitely essentially the most iconic reference in Rolex’s lineup. When Rolex decides to replace the Sub, there’s lots of strain to get it proper. By way of mannequin design, Rolex finally ends up between a rock and a tough place. If it makes too many adjustments, it’s accused of “following the group” or “kowtowing to tendencies.” If it makes too few adjustments, it’s accused of being “staid and stuffy,” “missing in innovation,” or “sitting on its laurels.” It additionally has a model worth incentive to maintain adjustments minimal. Collectors need their Rolex watches to retain value and never look dated. If Rolex had been to dramatically change a reference’s design, watches launched the earlier yr would instantly look passé. 

Rolex 2020 Submariner Design Adjustments and Specs 

Conserving Rolex’s design constraints in thoughts, let’s discover the brand new 2020 Submariner Reference 124060. What are the variations between the 124060 and the 114060? In a battle between the Rolex 124060 vs. the Rolex 114060, who could be the victor? Would the brand new 2020 Rolex Submariner greatest the 114060, or would the older mannequin be the winner? Like all issues Rolex, it’s actually a matter of style.     

The Motion 

In relation to updating references, nobody begrudges Rolex a change in motion. The truth is, that’s in all probability the one space the place Rolex can freely innovate with out worry of push again. Sadly, with horological expertise having come to date, any innovation in motion might be finally self-limiting. (Because of, you recognize, physics.) But the brand new motion beneath the dial does carry the most recent improvements in timekeeping to the brand new 2020 Submariner. The caliber 3235 provides a whole day of energy reserve to the Submariner, pushing it to 70 hours over the earlier 48. It does nonetheless have an accuracy price of +2/-2 seconds per day, however the brand new Sub has a Chronergy escapement. This brings the Submariner updated with different references which have the brand new escapement. 

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The New Submariner By The Numbers

The rise in case dimension from 40mm to 41mm was the most important takeaway from the discharge for many aficionados.Some individuals who have worn it says it wears larger on the wrist, whereas others say it feels smaller and extra compact, much like classic Subs. Rolex’s designs are so fastidiously executed that even specialists can’t agree on how the change in case dimension impacts the feel and appear. Most can solely agree that the brand new Submariner simply feelstotally different. The case diameter measures 40.6mm vs. the 40.2mm diameter on the 114060. That’s barely perceptible to the bare eye, nevertheless it does appear to have an effect on the general impression of the watch. These tiny tweaks make a huge impact together with the extra rounded case design and smaller crown guards. As well as, the slimmed-down, curvier lugs, and redesigned bracelet all work collectively to type a extra streamlined silhouette.     

Ceramic Bezels and A Dial With Room To Play 

It’s once more a matter of millimeters, however the 2020 Submariner additionally has a barely roomier dial. (Some collectors even speculate the indices could also be infinitesimally smaller as nicely.) There’s a brand new coronet brand between the phrases “Swiss Made” beneath the six, however this embellishment doesn’t change the general steadiness of the dial. When the dial is paired with a black bezel, the watch feels extra compact. When it’s positioned subsequent to the ceramic inexperienced bezel it seems bigger. That is akin to the traditional optical phantasm often called the Ebbinghaus or Tichner effect, however Rolex makes use of it right here with nice mastery. If you’d like your 41mm Sub to really feel actually like a 41mm watch, selecting the brand new “Kermit” is one of the simplest ways to make the watch really feel prefer it’s taking on house, in a great way.  

new kermit

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No Oysterflex Strap for the Submariner? 

It’s not a shock that Rolex selected to maintain the Submariner on a steel bracelet, however it’s a delicate disappointment for collectors who wished a contemporary, recent, and daring Sub redesign. Fortunately, you possibly can recreate the look of an Oysterflex strap on a Rolex Submariner with a matte black Everest Band. Even when it will likely be months (or years) earlier than your AD has a 2020 Submariner obtainable, you possibly can replace the look of any Sub in your assortment proper now. Shop our rubber straps for Rolex watches now. 

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Written by Meghan Clark

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