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Hey Pandas, What’s The Most Awkward Thing That Has Happened To You In A Grocery Store?

by rat

Everyone knows awkward issues occur in grocery shops—from crying kids that create drama from nowhere, to even slipping on a chunk of lettuce and falling face first. I wanna know the embarrassing issues which have occurred to you in grocery shops. Do not be scared, all of us fail generally. That is simply part of being human.

So share your tales beneath and upvote essentially the most entertaining ones you see. Let’s make one another snigger and maybe our day will develop into brighter and happier!


I used to be within the early months of a brand new relationship, the ‘be ready simply in case’ stage the place you retain a few in a single day necessities at hand. I used to be doing a fast post-workshop on the grocery store. On the checkout, I pulled my pockets out of my purse with a flourish and launched a pair of crimson lace panties three ft into the air and down onto the cashiers’ lap…


Once I was at uni I used to get carded rather a lot when shopping for alcohol or cigarettes and was somewhat aggravated by it. Someday as I used to be doing a bigger buying I began getting my objects out of the cart, the woman on the until began ringing them up one after the other and I used to be someplace in one other world in my head. I purchased one can of alcohol free beer nevertheless it was on the very finish of the heap of stuff but and the cashier was truly ringing up a a bunch of sardine cans when she checked out me and stated she’d wish to see and ID. I seemed on the can in her hand and I blurted out “We’re being carded even for FISH now?!” earlier than realising she in all probability simply seemed forward, noticed the beer and wished to provide me a while to forage by way of my purse till she will get to the merchandise. She gave me a glance that clearly stated “yet one more of those idiots and I give up…”


My most awkward second in a grocery retailer was when a buddy of mine and her younger daughter (round Four on the time) and I went to Walmart. Effectively it was across the Halloween season and I made a decision to take her daughter to take a look at the costumes. In order we had been within the aisle she picked up a pirate sword and began to swing it round. So I picked up a sword to and informed her On Guard! and so we began dueling in the midst of the aisle. In order we had been doing that her mother was laughing after which we bought the dying stares from a couple of of the patrons and a lady in yoga pants got here up and stated “aren’t you too outdated to play with little children?” and with out skipping a beat my associates child stated look she has jiggly legs like grandma. The Girl bought beat crimson she stared at us till we left the realm. However her face was priceless.


Mother was occupied with the acquisition and I wished a toy from the claw machine, so I reached in there to seize a prize. A battle ensued, and it seems that the machine is a lot better as greedy prey than I’m. I used to be as much as my shoulder in failure and could not get my arm again, so the tears began flowing. Inside minutes, I used to be a pathetic puddle on the bottom, surrounded by my mother, a pair retailer managers, and a few native firefighters who finally rescued me. Sounds embarassing, however fortunately I used to be solely Four so it might be nearly 10 extra years earlier than I’d begin to develop a way of disgrace.


Accidentaly ran into an outdated woman and blurted out “Yeehaw, Oh i am sorry ma’am” I virtually yelled the Yeehaw. I do not bear in mind what what was on my thoughts.


Early 30’s, buying at night time. Man requested me about cookies. Yup, fell proper into it. Then he stated he simply wished to ask me out. I informed him I used to be in a relationship. HE SAID HE DIDN’T CARE; my S/O did not need to know. I informed him that I’d know and NO, I’d not exit with him. I used to be so rattled that I left and paid with out ending my buying. It creeped me out as a result of it was so late at night time. I by no means went buying at night time once more.


Proudly saying ¨i’ll pay for it ¨. however got here up brief $5



I used to be Three on the time and I noticed some sweet I picked it up however in my rush to meet up with my mother I put it in my pocket and ended up taking it residence with out paying when mother discovered draged me to the shop and made me confesse and return it.


Not a grocery retailer however in a meals court docket, I slipped on a chip that somebody had dropped. No hurt was finished however boy, the panic of the middle administration was one thing to behold. The pharmacist arrived first adopted by the supervisor and a crowd of workers all terrified I’d sue. It’s nonetheless a household joke twenty years later.


Because the proud new supervisor of a grocery retailer, my son led me on a tour, taking me to see the brand new show of bulk sweet in the midst of the shop. As he talked and laughed in pleasure, he popped a crimson and white mint into his mouth and instantly seemed to be choking. When he could not speak, I screamed for assist and gave him the Heimlich maneuver. Folks got here to our help whereas my son gestured that he was not choking, however could not speak. One buyer introduced him espresso from the break room to “soften” the sweet. My son was fully embarrassed in entrance of his fellow workers that he was by no means choking in any respect, however had a muscle spasm in his throat when he propelled the big sweet into his mouth and it slid down his esophagus! He was fully humiliated by my screaming for assist!


I get somewhat mesmerized by all of the choices whereas buying. I used to be an early 30’s male, strolling slowly alongside the dairy wall with my focus zeroed-in on the huge number of merchandise earlier than me. That’s till I walked straight into a woman doing her buying. This woman was late 50’s / early 60’s, a much bigger woman, and had her again to me earlier than I slammed into her. The collision shocked me, and I immediately pulled again, realizing I used to be at fault right here. In that reflex response of pulling again, my hand was someplace round her hamstring after I ran into her, and as I jerked my hand upward whereas she started to show – my hand slid proper up her butt crack… She circled and I blurted out “Oh my god, I’m so sorry”. She didn’t say a phrase. She simply stared straight into my eyes, deep, with a large smile. I apologized once more and requested if she was alright – not a phrase in response – simply that penetrating stare and joker smile. I apologized, once more, and started to stroll away. She swiveled to maintain the laser stare and scare smile on me, saying nothing. I left the shop. A really intense 5 second interplay, and all I knew is that I didn’t need any extra of it.


for some silly cause i wished to provide a hug to my dad with my fucking eyes closed. I hugged a stranger.


Once I was ten, I used to be dancing in a dealer joe’s and I crashed into an enormous tower of premade espresso jugs. I wasn’t harm, and nor was the espresso, however my dignity is one other story…


Frozen items isle at Walmart. Older gentleman opened the freezer cupboard, caught his head in, proceeded to sneeze, closed up, and walked on about his enterprise. I selected to buy my ice cream elsewhere that day.


I used to be a cashier at a grocery retailer as a really younger grownup. I used to be dust poor, did not personal a automobile and walked in all places. My metabolism is such that, if I do not eat repeatedly, my blood sugar can plummet and I go out. Being poor, I hadn’t eaten a lot for a couple of days, add within the stroll to work, and also you’re a recipe for catastrophe. Yep. I handed out proper there in my test stand. However that wasn’t even the awkward half. I hit the bridge of my nostril on one thing after I fell and ended up with a pleasant little gash. After I might recovered for a bit within the again, I resumed my shift. A short while later I used to be ringing up for an older woman. She stored looking at me and I might inform by the look in her eye that she was upset. As I ring up the final of her groceries, she reaches out, touches my arm and says, ‘honey, between you and me, I might depart the man.’ I stated ‘oh, no no! Nobody hit me. I swear! I simply bought lightheaded and handed out.’ She seemed like she did not consider me, as a result of that is precisely the type of factor a battered lady may say, and left along with her groceries nonetheless shaking her head. Broke, virtually homeless and just about ravenous? Positive. However bodily abuse sufferer? Completely not.


So you already know the lobster tanks that they’ve on the retailer? Effectively, 5 yr outdated me was obsessive about them, and would all the time run over to look at them. So sooner or later, I run over to them and wave, and one moved it’s claw. I assumed it was waving at me and thought I might management their actions. So I resolve I need them to run round, so I begin operating in a circle. I stored operating, and I puked. Then I slipped within the puke and by chance knocked down a field stuffed with chips. They exploded in all places. And I’m not allowed again into that retailer.


I went to go pay for some objects on the self checkout and my card wasn’t working so i attempted a number of occasions and the cashier at one of many stands was like sir is that this your card? and that i simply stood there being like uhhhhh sure? and so she known as in safety and i used to be similar to i will pay money and i’m endlessly made enjoyable of by everybody i do know for that


Seeing my fifth grade English trainer at Costco.


I as soon as was in a grocery retailer and a few outdated woman mistook me for her grand child


It was Attention-grabbing that my daughter shared her college lesson with a stranger in the midst of the pasta aisle. My younger daughter ran as much as a stranger along with his 2 yr outdated and In a really loud voice stated “YOU are the Dad and have the penis”. I simply shook my head on the very embarrassed man and informed him to have a pleasant day.


I used to be speeding to go to my in-laws with the youngsters. They reside only a few minutes’ stroll away and we popped into the store on the way in which to get some treats for them. We had been operating late and I used to be so distracted with the youngsters that after lastly getting previous the checkout I realised in horror that I did not have my pockets. I used to be so embarrassed, I apologised to the cashier for having scanned all the pieces, to the youngsters for having to go away the biscuits behind, defined and tried to run for the hills. However the woman in entrance of me, (who was nonetheless there checking out her baggage) took over and insisted that she would pay for it, stated the identical had occurred to her. She actually would not be stopped. I totally felt the blessing of this act of kindness however I by no means felt so embarrassed in my life. The kindness truly made me really feel rather a lot worse regardless of my higher judgement, however after all I attempted to cover it as greatest I might.


I used to be on the backyard heart place with my mother and he or she informed me to face by the doorway to attend whereas she bought a cart. So I used to be simply standing there awkwardly and ready and a lady approached me and stated one thing like “the place can I return these vegetation…” and I used to be like “I do not work right here…” and he or she laughed and left… This occurs very often at many native shops folks simply begin asking me stuff like I work there… haha!


9yo me went to the grocery retailer and there was a woman there who seemed very very similar to a buddy of ours. I bought excited and run as much as her and hugged her.
She seemed down at me and one other lady she was with additionally seemed unusual at me.
I needed the ground would swallow me. Apologised in a rush and left ?


My husband and I had been buying at Wal-Mart with our Three yr outdated son. We handed one other couple with their youngster who wore a Batman T-shirt. So our son stood up within the cart, pulled down his pants to point out everybody his underwear and yells, “Look, I’ve Batman too”!!


Requested a younger man stocking objects in a grocery retailer; “Hey buddy the place are your nuts?” Not the place are the peanuts? The place are your nuts? After seeing the vast eyed look on his face, I spotted what I had requested. I bought embarrassed and muttered; “By no means thoughts I’ll discover them myself”. He actually stated “Uh, no you will not”. Yeah, I nonetheless blush at the moment.


It was my husband’s birthday, and we went to walmart to choose up a cake and ice cream. As we went to pay, our financial institution card was declined. It was so humiliating that I broke down crying. A person who was in line behind us noticed what was occurring, and he paid for our groceries. I’ll always remember how variety that stranger was.


My mom… let the door swing shut behind her as we had been leaving, and one other outdated woman tried to sprint in… the door hit her within the fanny and he or she did a somersault. We boogied to the automobile as quick as we might.

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