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Leaf Blowers Are The Work Of The Devil

by Sloane Hughes

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This has gone on LONG ENOUGH

It’s right here! Fall is formally upon us! Which implies it’s time to bust out the scarves and jackets, pack each room in your house filled with gourds, develop into keen about soups to an virtually regarding diploma, and seethe with rage about leaf blowers.

Humankind has managed to present beginning to some really dumbshit innovations all through the ages, however leaf blowers are, no doubt, our shining Magnum Opus of what-the-fuckery.

I hate them. I hate them a lot. And so do you have to.

The supposed function of leaf blowers, these godforsaken machines, is to clear leaves and particles away from a selected space. Okay, good in principle, however then the place does this particles go? 4 fucking toes away. Nicely, truly, that’s not totally true. First it’s all shot into the air the place it simply floats round for a minute and then it lands 4 fucking toes away from the place it was. Nice, you’ve taken a pile of leaves that was on the facet of the road and moved it to a special a part of the road in an excellent worse pile, in order that one spot is evident, however, oh no— now you’ve gotta use your silly hair dryer backpack to maneuver the leaves to filter out that spot? When does it finish? When is the leaf blowing completed?? Do you simply observe the identical pile of shit round, blowing it into the air and ready to see the place it lands endlessly?? Fuck you. FUCK you. What sort of self-inflicted Sisyphus shit is that this.

Think about trying on the mud and grime and crumbs that construct up in your flooring and going, “Ah this can be a mess, higher blow it round the remainder of my house.” NO. You wouldn’t try this as a result of that’s INSANE. Cleansing stuff up from the ground by air-blasting it from one spot to a different is INSANE BEHAVIOR. So why can we do it exterior? Are you making an attempt to inform me that pushing shit round till your psyche has reached the tip of its limits in some way makes extra sense than, I dunno, vacuuming it?

Shut up. Shut. Shut the hell up.

Other than the truth that they’re dangerous on the job they have been designed for, leaf blowers are essentially the most obnoxious, bullshit contraptions ever. All they’re is the other of a vacuum, and but, they emit the identical degree of sound as a diesel truck. They’re so goddamn loud you must put on ear safety to make use of them. However that’s not even essentially the most infuriating half — in a single hour, leaf blowers spew the identical quantity of carbon monoxide {that a} automobile does in eight hours. So, these 115 decibel fart machines that’s solely functionality is flinging the identical handful of leaves from one nook of a parking zone to the following nook of the identical parking zone are actively making an attempt to make you go fucking deaf, and doing extra harm to the planet than your round-trip work commute.

No extra. NO. MORE. The 12 months is TWO-THOUSAND-TWENTY, goddammit! Sufficient! Leaf blowers are evil, brokers of chaos conceived in fireplace and brimstone, and it’s time we despatched them again to hell the place they belong.

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