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Rolex and National Geographic: Exploring a Perpetual Planet


With the creation of the Hulk Submariner, the model new 41mm Kermit just released in 2020, and numerous different fashions, we all know that Rolex loves green watches. However do you know Rolex additionally was fascinated with a distinct sort of inexperienced that has little to do with watch design? 

Just lately we realized about Rolex’s long-standing partnership with Nationwide Geographic and their dedication to serving to create a greener and extra eco-friendly world with a brand new undertaking referred to as Perpetual Planet. Whilst you don’t all the time affiliate a mega-brand like Rolex with environmental initiatives, Rolex truly has fairly an intensive historical past serving to the atmosphere. Few people know that Rolex is definitely a charity, and so they quietly and modestly fork out an incredible sum of money yearly to numerous causes to assist create a greener and more healthy Earth.

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The Rolex Hulk on a inexperienced 
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A Temporary Historical past 

Based on the Nationwide Geographic web site, Pure Geographic and Rolex have “partnered to assist trailblazing scientific analysis, expeditions, and options to extend the understanding of the threats dealing with the planet’s life assist programs and drive motion to deal with them.”  Rolex is thought for its involvement in lots of historic milestones in exploration for over 60 years. From the best peaks to the deepest seas, Rolex helps analysis to guard our planet. Beneath are examples of earlier and present explorers who’ve worn Rolex watches on their expeditions and who Rolex has sponsored:


  • Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay climbed Mt. Everest in 1953 carrying a Rolex Explorer.
  • The Rolex Deepsea Particular was strapped to the outside of the Trieste in 1960 with the deepest dive at 10,916 meters.
  • Sylvia Earle is an Oceanographer and pioneer of ocean exploration. 
  • Nationwide Geographic Explorer James Cameron made a record-breaking solo dive to the Earth’s deepest level with the Rolex Deepsea Problem. 
  • David Doubilet, the famend underwater photographer and Rolex ambassador has been diving with a Rolex look ahead to over 50 years.

national geographic and rolex a perpetual planet

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Rolex’s Partnership with Nationwide Geographic

Rolex continues to help in efforts to study extra about methods to save the atmosphere with its partnership with Nationwide Geographic. The brand new undertaking, a Perpetual Planet, was launched to assemble and share methods we will shield the atmosphere and ecosystems, particularly: the oceans, the mountains and the poles. The aim is to assist explorers and scientists to assemble analysis on methods to make an actual distinction. 

The info will likely be in comparison with beforehand gathered data to discover the modifications to our Earth’s ecosystems. These programs present probably the most primary wants for all times: water, oxygen and a steady local weather. Some elements, like local weather change, are inflicting issues with these crucial programs. And with a view to cease any unfavourable affect, we have to perceive these modifications and uncover methods to stop them. This is the reason Rolex and Nationwide Geographic are embarking on this undertaking collectively. 

national geographic and rolex a perpetual planet

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The Newest Environmental Analysis

The primary stage of this undertaking focuses on mountains, and the water it gives. The newest expedition revealed data that the mountain water programs are at a threat. (Enjoyable Reality: Nationwide Geographic calls mountains the world’s water towers). The expedition took a workforce to Mt. Everest, which just about 2 billion individuals rely on to obtain water. The analysis gathered from this expedition will assist scientists perceive how we will shield the water programs. (Simply as we have to do our greatest to discover ways to shield our planet, it’s all the time an important thought to guard your Rolex bracelet too. So, protect your Rolex bracelet with Everest Bands here.)

The workforce, together with a geographer for Nationwide Geographic, Alex Tait, mapped Mt. Everest in spring of this 12 months. The expedition was dubbed the Rolex Perpetual Planet Excessive Expedition, and its aim was to scan and carry out detailed photogrammetry. The Nationwide Geographic notes that it mapped “your entire Khumba glacier from the South Col right down to the toe of the glacier.” Moreover, the workforce scanned the Mt. Everest base camp. 

national geographic and rolex a perpetual planet

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This scan was the best decision imagery ever collected at Mt. Everest. The data ensuing from the scan will likely be used to check previous and present circumstances. This comparability will be capable to assist scientists perceive and predict how the mountain environments (together with  streams and rivers that circulation from Mt. Everest) will change in years to return. You possibly can learn extra in regards to the Mt. Everest expedition and ensuing knowledge here

Why Don’t We Hear Extra About This within the Media?

It’s attention-grabbing that in exploring the connection between Rolex and Nationwide Geographic, Rolex not often boasts of the efforts they make to assist us to guard our planet. As a substitute of boasting of their efforts, they sponsor the explorers as a result of the idea of Rolex is supporting exploration, conservation, the humanities and the perfect that people will be. And, the Perpetual Planet is a pleasant play on phrases in reference to a Rolex Oyster Perpetual. 

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