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These Yahoo! Answers Videos Are Still The Funniest Things I’ve Ever Seen

by Sloane Hughes

RIP Yahoo! Solutions

Spelling errors and syntax errors aren’t something new, they’ve been round for so long as people have been writing phrases. For many of historical past although, one’s spelling errors (probably) had a fairly restricted viewers. Until you had been writing a ebook or an article in a newspaper or one thing else publicly obtainable, the one one that’d catch your goof-ups could be the one that you love to whom you’re writing lengthy, cursive love letters to, or no matter they did again within the sepia-tone days. Now, due to the web, each single factor you do is extraordinarily public and broadly, broadly distributed whether or not you prefer it or not, which signifies that anytime you make even essentially the most minor of spelling blunders — or typos, as the youngsters say — you’ve obtained a complete sea of individuals prepared to leap on it as if it’s the only dumbest factor anybody’s ever seen.

So let’s get one factor straight: until you’re grading a paper or somebody messes up your title, stating somebody’s typos makes you a large instrument. Simply since you corrected some man’s use of “their”, “there”, or “they’re”, in a YouTube feedback argument doesn’t imply you gained.


Compiling a collection of misspellings and grammatical blunders into one video and studying them aloud for the aim of creating individuals snigger as a result of hey, some mixtures of letters are simply tremendous humorous, is completely completely different and hilarious. That is precisely what one YouTuber, J. T. Sexkik, did a few instances again 2016, and holy shit, to this present day they’re a few of my favourite goddamn issues ever created.

For each movies, he took screenshots of questions numerous individuals had requested on Yahoo! Solutions, and easily learn them out loud. The questions for the primary video focus on being pregnant, “am I pregnant?” “May my girlfriend be pregnant?” Issues like that. The second video options questions all about ouija boards.

You may be asking your self, “what number of other ways to fuck up the spelling of ‘pregnant’ and ‘ouija board’ might there presumably be?”

Oh… so, so many.



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