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This Dad’s An Electrician In A Zoo And Here’s How He Spent His Morning With A Bunch Of Meerkats

by Robertas Lisickis

There’s little doubt that amongst everybody’s in depth lists of completely cute animals, meerkats can be on the prime. And in the event that they aren’t but, they are going to be quickly!

Twitter consumer Lucy (@doodlingglass), with whom Bored Panda obtained in contact, has shared some footage of the cute circumstances her dad works underneath—particularly, that one time her dad, an electrician at a zoo, was doing a little electrical work in one of many enclosures and a household of meerkats determined to come back over and hold him firm whereas he labored.

It doesn’t matter what you do at a zoo, it’s certain to be enjoyable as a result of the animals will at all times be inquisitive about you

Picture credit: @doodlingglass

So, Lucy’s dad Colin is an electrician in one of many zoos on the southern coast of England. He helps repair the rides discovered on the zoo and in addition tends to the entire electrical points which will come up within the animal enclosures.

At some point, he was engaged on some downside within the meerkat enclosure when, all of a sudden, a few of its inhabitants came to visit to take a look at what all of the commotion was about.

Lucy shared a handful of photos on her Twitter displaying the cute meerkats giving her dad a hand with fixing no matter concern there was within the enclosure.

An English zoo electrician was working in a meerkat enclosure when a few of them got here to ‘give him a hand’

Picture credit: @doodlingglass

The meerkats are seen sniffing in regards to the device bag that Colin had left open (with one little man even leaping in), investigating the transportable mild, and interacting with the screwdriver Colin held in entrance of the meerkat.

“Meerkats are naturally tremendous curious, so they only went as much as discover whereas he was working! There’s one other picture of certainly one of them sitting on my dad’s shoulder. He bent down to select one thing up and so they climbed up his again! I didn’t publish that one as a result of I didn’t assume my dad can be very impressed!” joked Lucy.

Seems, most of the animals within the zoo are fairly relaxed, so Colin finally ends up working within the enclosures whereas the animals are nonetheless there. Aside from the camels, as defined Lucy, as a result of they spit on him.

They had been rifling by way of the electrician’s bag and analyzing all of his instruments in their very own cute approach

Picture credit: @doodlingglass

“We at all times get selfies of him with the animals, the newest being the fruit bats. We reside in numerous international locations, so we at all times get updates, and once we go to go to him, we go to the zoo so he can showcase. There was a monkey there that he befriended who would observe him across the enclosure,” mentioned Lucy.

For these unaware, meerkats, often known as suricates, are small mongeese present in southern Africa. They’ve broad heads, giant eyes, pointed snouts, lengthy legs, a skinny, tapering tail, and brindled coat patterns. They usually develop as much as be round 9.four to 13.7 inches (24–35 centimeters) in head and physique size, and weigh between 1.three and a pair of.1 kilos (lower than a kilogram).

The electrician’s daughter tweeted a number of the photographs of the cute encounter and so they went viral

Picture credit: @doodlingglass

And it’s not simply meerkats that hold Colin firm, in response to Lucy: “The opposite animals haven’t interacted with the instruments and stuff, actually, however they do like going over and watching him work, particularly the monkeys. We at all times get photographs of them wanting over his shoulders or posing for selfies.”

Lucy’s tweets went viral quickly after posting—and why wouldn’t they? Simply have a look at the lovable meerkats! The tweets garnered over 160,000 likes with over 30,000 retweets.

The photographs of the cute meerkat helpers managed to recover from 160,000 likes with over 30,000 retweets

Picture credit: @doodlingglass

Many have commented how cute and cute the meerkats had been within the photographs. As is custom on the web, there have been some jokers, jesting “is your dad a meerkat?” due to how the caption is worded and the way the images are of meerkats. One different tweeter joked that one of many meerkats appears prefer it shoved certainly one of its cute paws into {an electrical} socket due to how its fur was standing up straighter than traditional.

“I used to be very shocked that the photographs obtained a lot consideration! I posted it to point out my mates after which it simply took off. I used to be speaking to my dad about it and he mentioned that the meerkats let the celebrity go to their head and began charging £15 for a photograph now—typical dad joke!” mentioned Lucy.

Picture credit: @doodlingglass

What are your ideas on this? Do you’ve some cute zoo animal tales to inform? Tell us within the remark part beneath!

Right here’s how the entire the jokers on the web reacted to this cute prevalence

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