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This Online Community Is All About Pics Of People Ignoring Safety As If They’re Immortal

by Austeja Akavickaite

Occupational Security is not a joke. Should you’re fixing an AC compressor on the ledge of the 28th ground with no harness, you are simply inviting bother over, and risking not solely your life however ending up on the r/OSHA subreddit as nicely.

This on-line neighborhood is made up of 725,000 members who’re consistently reminding each other to observe security laws by posting footage of people that did not. And I’ve to say, it is working — these disasters within the making have been so dangerous, scrolling via them made me placed on a helmet earlier than altering the lightbulb in my bed room and getting inside a hazmat go well with simply as I used to be about to take out the trash.

#1 I Suppose My Metropolis Ordered Their Cones Off Of Want.com

Picture credit: Badusernameguy2

#2 One Of My Guys Despatched Me This At the moment

Picture credit: amberb

#three Completely No Ppe In Sight

Picture credit: SporksAndForks

#four The Hearth Exit On This Faculty Constructing

Picture credit: ghatroad

#5 I will Do My Finest

Picture credit: Afroofthenight

#6 Emergency “Exit” In A Pal’s Workplace Constructing. First Time They Opened It Was Throughout A Hearth Alarm

Picture credit: Bansaiii

#7 Once I Was Doing Building I Was Apparently Featured In A “Security Fails” Web site On Pinterest

Picture credit: Dhaerrow

#eight Faint Wheelchair Noises In The Background

Picture credit: zoalcoalt

#9 Lawncranemower™

Picture credit: Natty_Guard

#10 A Little Extra To The Proper

Picture credit: mcr55

#11 Woodstock 1969 Sound Crew Members Being Craned Up To Their Stations

Picture credit: WildAnimus

#12 When Tow Vans Are Too Costly And A New Paint And Different Minor Repairs Aren’t

Picture credit: Stealth_Robot

#13 Building Of The Dirigible Uss Macon, 1934. Look At These Ladders

Picture credit: 5_Frog_Margin

#14 “I’ve Finished It A Million Occasions. This Is Completely Secure.” – My Coworker

Picture credit: robabl

#15 Ventilated So They Gained’t Fog Whereas Spraying Caustic Chemical substances. Get Yours At the moment Whereas Provides Final!

Picture credit: jmcgee653

#16 Log Elevate (Oregon, 1973)

Picture credit: Spinundrum

#17 Heater At My Job Web site

Picture credit: BagelMerchant

#18 A Nice Approach To Present That You’re Completely Loving Your Job

Picture credit: abiskue

#19 A Contest That No one Wins

Picture credit: SEILogistics

#20 This Sight I Stumbled On The Approach Again To Work At the moment

Picture credit: Mystero2k1

#21 The Lodge I am Staying In Is Retaining The Plastic Covers On Its Hearth Alarms To Hold Them Newer For Longer

Picture credit: Tzunamitom

#22 Took This Picture A Few Years In the past

Picture credit: JCBoucas

#23 Screw It – That is Shut Sufficient

Picture credit: jaykirsch 3

#24 Yikes

Picture credit: Anonymous

#25 Yeah That Ought to Be Nice

Picture credit: Dalexes

#26 Fixing Pipes, Egyptian Version

Picture credit: zoalcoalt

#27 I Don’t See A Drawback Right here

Picture credit: floridamitch

#28 Authorized Non-Slip Non-Conductive Tread

Picture credit: NewAlexandria

#29 At the moment At Work

Picture credit: mattshup

#30 Proper Above The Rest room. Good Factor I’m Not 6’1”

Picture credit: Anonymous

#31 20 Meters Above Floor – A Lengthy Approach To Fall

Picture credit: mamonium

#32 No Want To Lock Out, This’ll Simply Take A Second

Picture credit: theLPguy

#33 No Approach This May Go Unsuitable

Picture credit: StrictLime

#34 Sharps Container? These Individuals Apparently By no means Heard Of One…the Needles Had been Poking Out Of The Field.

Picture credit: reddit.com

#35 We Had 5-6 Individuals Scrape/Minimize Themselves Strolling Previous This Uncovered Thermostat, So We Lastly Complained… Got here In This Morning To This Resolution

Picture credit: louiscon

#36 Noticed This Fast Repair On My Run Earlier

Picture credit: lionpheti

#37 This Man Napping In A Wooden Chipper At The Finish Of My Avenue

Picture credit: chubbybooger

#38 Stirling Council Have Photoshopped Hardhats On To Their Staff

Picture credit: Anonymous

#39 The Supervisor Requested Me To Delete The Image As Nicely. No Harness On Both Of Them

Picture credit: pratim3095

#40 Fixing An Ac Compressor On A Degree 28 Ledge

Picture credit: torosalmon

#41 “Transfer Alongside, Nothing To See Right here”

Picture credit: itswatsthetwat69

#42 No One Is Gonna Fall Into This Gap! There’s A Cone!

Picture credit: Kartoffel1891

#43 Y’all Would Like This

Picture credit: Anonymous

#44 Thanks Guys!

Picture credit: tbonetaylor

#45 If Solely There Was Some Type Of Moveable Elevating Basket He May Use, As a substitute Of Balancing On This Factor

Picture credit: Echo63_

#46 The Fifth Flooring Of Our Constructing Has Been Held Up By Jacks For 20+ Years

Picture credit: dillon_penrod

#47 Texts From My Supervisor

Picture credit: RowdyCaboose

#48 Do not Fear, Obtained The Security Squints On, Boss

Picture credit: cacaogirl

#49 Give up My Job After I Obtained Requested To Climb This Ladder On A 6 In 12 Pitch Roof. $10/Hr Scraping Paint Is Not Price A Damaged Neck

Picture credit: Anonymous

#50 Watch And Study, Boys

Picture credit: Bigchlebowski89

#51 No Such Factor As ‘Well being And Security’ In Myanmar – This Dude’s Repairing An Air Conditioner On The 22nd Flooring. As You Do

Picture credit: wontfindloveinahole

#52 You Already Know He Was Scooting Alongside Too, Whereas On The Bucket. Additionally Job Web site Uncovered To Coronavirus And Nonetheless Open

Picture credit: lpplph

#53 Solely Entrance To My Present Job Web site

Picture credit: Kaskiaski

#54 Discovered This Man Digging In A Manhole On Busy four Lane Highway. No Cones, No Truck, Simply An Orange Vest

Picture credit: GhostalMedia

#55 After All My Years Working Building, I Have Given Out My Darwin Award

Picture credit: streetbob13

#56 Stairwell Was A Bit Tight For A Ladder, No Drawback Although, My Coworkers Are At all times There To Assist Me!

Picture credit: SkippyMcLongtooth

#57 Our Household Employed A Carpenter To Substitute The Prime Deck. Got here Outdoors To Discover Him Balanced Over A Mattress Of Rusty Nails

Picture credit: exx47

#58 Maintain On Buddy

Picture credit: mak-nil

#59 If You Do It Outdoors You Don’t Want Respirators, Proper?

Picture credit: Patches081601

#60 “If It Rains Tougher Than X Quantity, We Have To Empty This Each 5 Minutes “ – Worker Of The Month

Picture credit: Personalreferencept

#61 I Suppose This Belongs Right here

Picture credit: anacanapona

#62 Excessive, Increased, Highest

Picture credit: aromaticrubbish

#63 How To Maintain A Ladder In China

Picture credit: HouseSomalian

#64 Yeah, I Suppose That is Proper

Picture credit: Anonymous

#65 Can’t You Learn The Signal!?

Picture credit: Anonymous

#66 This Lightbulb Is Held Up By Three Nails And Free Wiring

Picture credit: illegaldoctor

#67 I Have No Thought How That Piece Of Asphalt Is Nonetheless Supporting Him

Picture credit: saltyteabag

#68 Cameramen Filming Earlier than We Had Drones

Picture credit: jinxsimpson

#69 Simply A Few Extra Inches, Nearly Obtained It

Picture credit: whitemike40

#70 What May Probably Go Unsuitable?

Picture credit: Uhuklebestift

#71 Do not Get Too Harm

Picture credit: Dubaku

#72 2nd Main Trigger Of Demise In Costa Rica

Picture credit: asstenx

#73 This Overpass In The Philippines

Picture credit: YuriMasterRace

#74 Palm Tree Elimination

Picture credit: angel-aura

#75 Clamped Damaged Railing For Bonus

Picture credit: A_Bridgeburner

#76 Perhaps Too A lot For A Pickup Truck?

Picture credit: PlumesOfEnceladus

#77 Forgot The Ol Onerous Hat At House

Picture credit: DMAS1638

#78 A Pyramid Of two-Steps

Picture credit: Kronicalicious

#79 There’s No Osha In Peru

Picture credit: mfiore06

#80 I’ve At all times Labored In Refineries The place Security Is Often Prime Precedence. Now That I’m Working Industrial I’m Amazed At What I’ve Seen

Picture credit: elfslistentodubstep

#81 It is Okay, Simply Maintain Very Very Nonetheless!

Picture credit: TheHandThatFeedsYou9

#82 Necessity – The Mom Of Invention

Picture credit: shakhaki

#83 Working In A Church Made Him So Blissful That He Determined He Needed To Meet Jesus Himself

Picture credit: Anonymous

#84 Guys Not Apprehensive About Falling Off This Issues At All

Picture credit: jriged

#85 They Wouldn’t Pay attention… Simply Some Trench Work

Picture credit: sarge-m

#86 Fast Launch Hearth Extinguisher At My Lodge

Picture credit: jescofire

#87 Clean Crusing Forward

Picture credit: valismasher

#88 Nailed It

Picture credit: Qazzie

#89 “I’m A Surgeon With This Factor”

Picture credit: DexterDogBalls

#90 They Did not Even Want The Fourth Ladder

Picture credit: PLS__PM_YOUR_TITS

#91 As Lengthy As We Watch Him He’ll Be Nice

Picture credit: kambian

#92 Work Place Security Legend

Picture credit: Anonymous

#93 Osha Busts My Balls About Mud However Thinks It’s Okay To Put on Her Onerous Hat Like That

Picture credit: CaptAwesomeLongDick

#94 Prepared For Elevate Off

Picture credit: Mabepossibly

#95 This Barbeque

Picture credit: GeneReddit123

#96 Melting Snow Piles Do not Make For A Good Basis For Scaffolding Apparently

Picture credit: Anonymous

#97 He Stated “I Couldn’t Discover The Breaker To Minimize The Energy So I’ll Simply Work With The Lights On”

Picture credit: Sketchy-mango

#98 Nicely This Doesn’t Appear Secure To Go away Over The Weekend

Picture credit: Trey904fsu

#99 Man Was Putting in Balcony Railing On The sixth Flooring With This As His Tie Off Level

Picture credit: FulIChubb

#100 No Precise Phrases For This Degree Silly

Picture credit: imgur.com

#101 My Father Has Owned His Personal Garden Care Firm For 24 Years

Picture credit: xI_Tipton_Ix

#102 The place Greens Comes From

Picture credit: uloang

#103 Eye Wash Station = Stuffed With Empty Oil Cans. First Support Station = Blocked Solely By Tires. Bravo

Picture credit: bibowski

#104 “Fast He’s Having A Coronary heart Attacking”

Picture credit: Anonymous

#105 All These Grain Explosions And I am Like

Picture credit: Whitlow14

#106 Sneakers Non-obligatory At Work

Picture credit: bigxy3242

#107 Generally You Gotta Improvise

Picture credit: pHorniCaiTe

#108 Emergency Energy Shut Off For A Machine Store Class With 25+ Guide Lathes, 5 Guide Mills, And four Cnc Mills Is Behind A Bookshelf

Picture credit: _TheOreo_

#109 Previous Military Prototype Helicopter, What May Go Unsuitable?

Picture credit: kmerian

#110 9 Inch Width Of Unsecured Grating Over A 25 Foot Pit. Been This Approach For Years

Picture credit: AdamReggie

#111 Load Bearing 2×6 Wall. I Simply Dont Know What Hvac Was Considering

Picture credit: SolidSpoonS86

#112 My Buddy Despatched Me This From His Job Web site At the moment

Picture credit: wtf_are_crepes

#113 Stability Is Key

Picture credit: sweet3pea1588

#114 New Lock Out Process

Picture credit: The_Revolutionary

#115 Does This Match In Right here Guys?

Picture credit: aesthetic_vi

#116 At A Warehouse On A Pier

Picture credit: snowandcrete

#117 This Is Me About 6 Years In the past. We Had been Attempting To Measure How Deep The Water Was To Construct A Cofferdam Round An Consumption Pipe. I Do not Work For That Firm Anymore

Picture credit: Krazy_Legs

#118 I Cannot Determine Out How Both Of Them Obtained There

Picture credit: tony703

#119 The Cones Will Assist

Picture credit: Rawalmond73

#120 Western Kansas Women And Gentleman

Picture credit: neilbutts


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