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Why do Some Watch Bezels only Rotate one Direction?


There are fewer issues extra satisfying when sporting a watch than the press of the rotating bezel. For these of us with a little bit of OCD, it’s critically vital that your bezel at all times line up at 12. Only a small nudge of 1 notch signifies that we’re rotating it again to the place it belongs. 

Why do Dive Watch Bezels Rotate in Solely One Route?

The title offirst dive watch with a unidirectional bezel belongs to the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms, launched in 1953. Only one yr later, Rolex and Zodiac would each catch-up with releases of the Submariner and Sea Wolf respectively.  

Classic BlancpainFifty Fathoms

As a SCUBA diver, there are actually three crucial measures for a protected and profitable dive: depth, time elapsed of your dive, and your remaining air provide. Whereas one may simply presume that it’s potential to dive till your tank runs out of air, there’s a secondary and no much less vital consideration: nitrogen.

When SCUBA diving, the air system delivers compressed air on the identical strain as the surface water. In order one dives deeper, and the water turns into denser, so does the air you breathe. Included on this dense air is nitrogen, which is saved inside the physique.

Most leisure SCUBA diving is timed in order that if you ascend, this trapped nitrogen is ready to be expelled as you ascend. For this course of to work, nonetheless, it’s crucial {that a} diver not exceed the utmost time allowed for a given depth.

In order a diver prepares for his or her dive, they are going to be aware that if they’re diving to 90 ft, then they are often at that depth not than 19 minutes with out having to regulate their ascent again to the floor.

Earlier than computer systems took over our lives, advanced charts have been used to plan dives. They’re nonetheless used at the moment as a security backup, a lot in the identical method as a dive watch.

Setting the Dive Bezel

It’s with this in thoughts that the rotating bezel turns into very obligatory. Rotating the bezel is completed to set a selected time of reference. The commonest method for a diver can be to rotate their bezel in order that the 12 o’clock marker signifies when it’s time to exit the water.

A Rolex Submariner on ablue rubber Everest Bandwith its bezel rotated 19 minutes.  

When the minute hand reaches the 12 o’clock pip, it’s time to ascend.

A much less frequent method is to regulate the bezel in order that the 12 o’clock pip strains up with the minute hand on the time the dive commences. The diver will then must do not forget that they must ascend when 19 minutes have elapsed.

A Unidirectional Bezel is for Security

It’s this timing process that brings us again to the one-way rotation of the bezel. Throughout a dive, particularly in tight quarters, it’s definitely potential that the bezel could get bumped or twisted. Ought to that occur, a dive bezel will solely transfer counterclockwise, which mightshorten the dive. If the bezel would rotate the opposite path, it’s potential the dive can be inadvertently prolonged and create a harmful state of affairs.

A Notice About Salt Water

Whereas dive watches are supposed to be loved and are designed to endure the trials of depth, salt water could be corrosive to steal and damaging to lots of the seals and gaskets that defend the watch motion. At any time when your watch spends time in salt water, you will need to give it a thorough cleaning. Defending your Rolex Dive watch with a rubber Everest Band is yet one more method to hold your funding protected whereas nonetheless having fun with your Submariner in its pure habitat – underwater.

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